Pet Sitting Tips

Pet sitting is caring for someone’s pet when they are away. Usually, pet sitters take care of the pets in two ways, either at their own home or the owner’s home. This job is often demanding as most owners come up with expectations to take care of their pet as they would do on their own. Most dog owners worldwide desperately look for help with their dogs and search for responsible dog sitters when they lack time to spend with the pet or leave for business or official trips. Major responsibilities that come with this job are maintaining your pet’s routine, including feeding, exercise, and grooming. So it is important to have a sense of this responsibility before venturing into it. Here you may think of a question, What makes me a good pet sitter?

The most important thing is that you must have at least a love for domestic animals. To prove yourself as the best pet sitter, you must not possess a fear of animals. It will help if you put yourself into the owner’s shoes and bond with their pets, similar to the owner, to feed and groom them in an effective way. In this blog,

I will share a few important pet sitting tips to do this job effectively.

Meet the Companion before Dog Sitting

I suggest you meet the dog before taking responsibility, and also meet his owner. This meeting will help you ask every question in your mind about the pet and the place where you have to stay. While talking to the dog owner, when the dog observes that his owner is comfortable with a new human, he will quickly get settled with you. As first impressions usually last till the end, the pet owner will watch your attitude towards his furry family member and with himself also! So make an excellent first impression with both guys!

Be prepared for the task

The key is to be prepared and ask the dog owner for the tricks to keep their pet cherished and the home secure. You must have the contact number of a nearby veterinary hospital or the doctor to deal with any emergent condition regarding the pet’s health and safety. Be wise enough to tackle emergencies.

Religiously follow the pets' routine

For all domestic dogs, following their routine is essential. If you will sit them in their own home, make sure you make them sleep, wake, and eat at the same time slots they have been following with their owner. Pencil down all the necessary details by asking them from the owner beforehand. Get up before the pet wakes up and go to bed a litter late than the dog to ensure he feels comfortable with you at his place.

Be ready for unusual behavior

If you are a beginner as a pet sitter, you may not be aware that this dog sitting experience can be a bit daunting. Dogs being the creatures of habit and packed animals can easily get baffled when any member from their pack becomes missing. Here starts your responsibility as a pet sitter to keep them calm and poise and as comfortable as possible. Of course, you have to get into the owner’s shoe to achieve this comfort level for the dog. If you are going to sit a dog at your own home, he may show unusual behavior and find it difficult to get a perfect snoozing spot and get used to the new smells.

The dogs may also go through separation anxiety when their parents are not around. You need to be careful and watch the dog for any signs of stress. Try to keep him busy and spend plenty of time, engage him with toys, and exercise. Give a lot of attention to make him feel pampered and satisfied.

Make your house pet-proof

Even with a trained dog, you need to make your home pet proof if you are taking the dog to your place for sitting, as he may be destructive despite all the training he has had. For instance, dogs can try opening doors of your rooms, which can place scratches. To protect your doors, try installing a door protector. You also have to take care of other items such as furniture and children’s toys, which the dogs can scratch and destroy otherwise. Place your children’s toys in a cabinet out of the dog’s reach to protect them.

Look for the presence of any worms and fleas in the dog. If you found them predated with these worms, tell the owner that they have to pay extra if their dog has fleas and ticks. I hope these dog sitting tips will help you spend a cherished time with your furry friend. Of course, a lot of cuddles and plenty of playtimes also comes in this package of dog sitting.